Reed-Lallier, Fayetteville’s Favorite Auto Shop

If you are looking for first-class, quality service – you have come to the right place.Reed-Lallier has provided car crash repair and paint services to customers in Fayetteville and surrounding areas around North Carolina- we are the trusted name around the neighborhood.We are committed to offering drivers easy, affordable and reliable services that will turn they car back into the car they love.We will work with you to provide an outstanding service and take care of your auto body needs. Dings and dents on your car don’t look good and we know you have a busy life. Reed-Lallier is your one stop shop for all of your automotive needs- we specialize in car crash repair, dent repair, bumper repair, body repair, paint services and much more. All of our technicians are perfectly trained so we guarantee your car will look like the day you got it. At Reed-Lallier Fayetteville we want this process to be as quick and simple as possible from start to finish, therefore we have professionally trained and skilled technicians on staff that work effectively and efficiently without compromising quality of service.Our service rates are very competitive and we work on both foreign and domestic vehicles- having the experience and knowing how to get the job done right the first time. We’re also customer centric, clearly defining retail expectations and taking the time to understand our customer needs- whenever accidents happen Reed-Lallier is there with a helping hand. Even though cars are just a machine, we always end up adding some sentimental value to it, having the desire of making it shine as bright as the diamond it is in our eyes. That’s why you can trust our people to assist you with those scratches, dents, dings and all car crash repairs. If you’ve been in an auto accident,Fayetteville’s Favorite car repair Shop is here to help get your car back to showroom quality.Combine this with new technology, a turnkey online portal to help run your business and support from dedicated team members, you have a trusted model to drive success. What are you waiting for? Hesitate no more and come to our store today at Fayetteville, North Carolina.