Amazing Car Paint Touch Up in Fayetteville, NC

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for a Fresh Coat of Paint

You’re getting ready to get a really great paint job, what’s there to do beforehand you say? We suggest cleaning your car out! This will help you feel your best once you’re driving away with a new paint job and a squeaky clean vehicle!

Great! You’ve cleaned up every piece of garbage out of your car and are ready to get it detailed – soon you’ll have a beautiful gloss paint, to match that clean interior!

Getting a new car paint job in Fayetteville, NC has never been simpler. With Reed-Lallier, we make sure every car is well taken care of. We offer suitable time-slots for appointments, weekend hours, awesome sales associates and professional paint specialists!

Taking Your Car Paint to the Next Level

Have you ever bought a car in one color and wanted to see what it looks like in another? We can help you with that. At Reed-Lallier body shop, we'll have your car as fresh as the day it rolled out of the dealership.

At Reed-Lallier, we carefully mix colors, and can even duplicate the color of your previous paint. If you’re looking for something more appealing or something that would make people turn their heads when you ride by, we can do that too. We have some of the area's best custom car painters in the area! We take pleasure exceeding our customers' needs!

At Reed-Lallier body shop we paint our customers' classic cars and can even do small touch up pieces needed to just fill that paint chip or car ding.

The Reed-Lallier Difference -- Customer Service

With our exceptional customer service we strive to leave the best impression. We guarantee any car paint job we’ve done and we always make sure our customers are satisfied before they drive their vehicles away into the sunset.

If you’re in the market for a car paint touch up in Fayetteville, NC, stop at Reed-Lallier body shop first because we’ve got what you have been looking for!