Finding the Value in Quality Collision Repair

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

You know exactly what we mean when we say cheaper isn’t always the best choice. If we give you a quote, we aren’t saying you shouldn’t go around to get a few quotes before you make your decision, we’re just saying to be weary of the quote that is dramatically less than the rest of your quotes.

When you come across a collision repair center near Fayetteville that offers extremely inexpensive automotive repair, you should be weary that you may not get great service, quality parts or timey turn-around.

When it comes to Reed-Lallier, we know that we’re the best collision repair center near Fayetteville, for any job – extensive or minimal. We know what it takes to get quality parts for a good price, and we keep our eyes on market pricing for automotive repair or maintenance services per hour.

Don’t get pushed around or low-balled when it comes to fixing your vehicle. Stick with someone like us, at Reed-Lallier, to get your vehicle fixed for a fair price, every time!

Finding That Value

When you’re trying to find the value in one of our quotes, you should first zoom-out a little bit. Yes, our prices are reasonable and we offer amazingly quick turn-around service, but you should also take a step back to look at the way we treat our customers. We treat our customers as family. We don’t overcharge our family members, or give them the run-around when they’re trying to coordinate a major purchase like that of collision repair. It’s already a stressful time!

At Reed-Lallier, we pride ourselves on alleviating some of those stressors by upholding transparent communications! We will make sure you’re up-to-speed with any changes related to your vehicle, and we make sure you’re not sitting around in the waiting room when it’s time to pick-up your vehicle after the service has been completed.

Trust us – we have your back! While we hope our services aren’t needed frequently – when they are, you should give our collision repair center near Fayetteville a shot! You will not be disappointed in the value we can bring you!

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