We Have the Best Auto Body Repair Shop in the Area

Why Stop at Reed-Lallier?

If you’re in the Fayetteville, NC area, then you’ve heard of us here at Reed-Lallier. We’re extremely involved in the community and we always take the time to give back!

While we do give back in terms of service hours within our community, we also give back by ensuring our prices for our parts and services are reasonable. We understand that getting into an accident is stressful and could potentially get expensive. For that reason, we pride ourselves on always passing down the savings to our customers. If we get a new vendor with less-expensive parts for brakes or brake pads, you can bet on us ensuring we forward that information on to our customers – cutting them a break on their brakes or brake pad purchases!

We know there are a ton of choices when looking for an auto body repair shop in Fayetteville, NC, and that’s why we value our customers who take the time to research our reviews, allow us to answer any of their questions and eventually use us for their automotive servicing and maintenance!

Learn more about who we are, what we stand for, and what kind of service you can expect when you bring your family vehicle to us, here at Reed-Lallier!

We’re the Clear Choice

We’ve asked around, and we’ve heard the concerns of the everyday driver. We know that servicing your vehicle every so often can get costly. That’s why we keep our service rates at a competitive price! Our master-mechanics offer fair rates for work on both domestic and foreign vehicles. We don’t cut corners when it comes to servicing, either. You can place your bet on our experienced technicians – they get the job done on time, and correctly!

What are the next steps, you say? Coming in to Reed-Lallier to have a chat with one of our service associates and scheduling an appointment to get your vehicle in-front of one of our mechanics.

So, the next time you’re on the hunt for a top-tier auto body repair shop in Fayetteville, NC, visit us today, and we can get you and your vehicle well on your way!