The Family Friendly Auto Body Shop

We’ve Got You Covered

Picking up the kids from school and headed right over? Great! We have a comfortable waiting room that we’re sure will favor the likes of you and your children. From the finest coffee machines to televisions, we can keep your mind off the stresses of your vehicle with no problem at all.

We’re also right across the way from one of the area's best elementary schools, which makes bringing your vehicle in to be services, really convenient! You can come in before school is let out, or you can pick up your young-one after school and head right over. We keep a flexible Monday through Thursday schedule that should work great for school hours.

You can stop putting off that oil change, or avoiding getting that bumper tail light fixed, we’ve got you taken care of! Come on in to check out our specials, we’re one of the best in the area that offer auto body and collision services for family cars!

Consider Us Your Extended Family

We’re deeply rooted in our Fayetteville area family! From the local grocery stores to the mom and pop tailors, we believe in keeping the dollar local. When it comes to our staff, you would be pleased to know that we always hire with word-of-mouth in mind. If our master mechanic has a neighbor that specializes in American Made muscle, you’d better believe we’d love to chat with him to see if he would be a great fit for servicing our muscle cars! If one of our service technicians has a friend from college that has decades of work experience within the automotive industry, we’d love to bring him in to see if he would join our growing team! Keeping our family here at Reed-Lallier local, is important to us.

We love the idea of family, and try to keep a close-knit crew who understand our values and who truly get our customer base – our Fayetteville families.

If you’re ready to pay us a visit to truly grasp what we stand for, pay us a visit. Even if you’re not interested in any auto body and collision services for family cars at this time, we’d love to meet you and your family to just say hello.