The Only Auto Body Shop You’ll Ever Need

Our Experience

When it comes to servicing and maintaining vehicles of all makes, models and trim levels, we’ve been around the block. We’re highly experienced and have the necessary knowledge to complete any automotive repair that is presented to us! We employ some of the industry’s top talent, and we always stay up-to-date on the latest automotive technology and training to ensure our customers are getting the most relevant service.

Our Timelines

We understand that getting a vehicle repaired – whether it’s a simple repair or a robust repair – can be stressful. It doesn’t make matters better when the repair ends up taking more time than you, or the body shop, originally anticipated. At Reed-Lallier, we go above and beyond when it comes to coordinating schedules, part delivery or pick-up, and restorations. We employ a large range of master mechanics, so there is never a shortage on specialists working on our incoming vehicles. When you first come in or call, and we give you an estimated time of repair, we try our hardest to beat or meet that timeline! Your time is precious, and we whole-heartedly believe that time spent being without your vehicle should be limited!

Why we’re the Clear Choice

We know you have many auto body shops to choose from when looking for repairs or maintenance, but we want to make sure you understand that we are the clear choice when it comes to managing maintenance for your vehicle. We’re unlike any of our competitors as we are driven by results, data and our reviews! Here at Reed-Lallier, we don’t ever ask for reviews from our customers – we would rather the positive vibes roll in all on their own!

We’re the clear choice when it comes to managing the repairs of your vehicle because not only do we take your time seriously, but we also make sure you feel comfortable and respected when you’re with us, waiting for your car to be completed. On-site, you’ll find a temperature-controlled waiting area that is stocked with refreshments, wireless internet, a TV/DVD combo and a quiet workstation where you can find access to a printer, a fax machine and copying services.

Don’t bother with those other guys! Visit us at Reed-Lallier for your next automotive repair needs.