Who Says Big Box Brands Have the Best Mechanics?

Big Box Brands and Big Box Prices

You read that correctly: big box brands sometimes come with big box prices.

Sure, there may be a coupon circulating from time-to-time, but when prices typically start off higher, are you really getting the best deal or value that’s right for your vehicle?

At Reed-Lallier, we know what the run-down is with big box automotive brands. They make quality vehicles, but their service centers aren’t always the best. When you purchase a new car from your favorite brand, be sure to keep us in mind when looking for everyday vehicular maintenance and major auto-body work. We employ some of the area’s top auto mechanics that know exactly what it takes to get your car back to tip-top shape, and keep it there throughout the life of the vehicle.

So, when using your mobile device to search for a “body shop near me,” don’t be so fast to scroll past us over here at Reed-Lallier!

We’ll be happy to walk you through our body shop procedure and what makes us so different. Contact us now!