Getting A New Paint Job near Fort Bragg, NC

Sprucing Up Your Vehicle

So you’ve gotten every piece of trash out of your vehicle and are headed to get it detailed – soon you’ll have shiny, freshly-cleaned seats, a dashboard and even vent covers, but what about the outside of your ride? Getting a fresh car paint job in Fort Bragg, NC has never been easier. With Reed-Lallier, we make getting your vehicle a fresh coat of paint a breeze. We offer convenient time-slots, weekend hours, friendly sales associates and knowledgeable paint specialists!

We take our time to mix colors, and can match the color of your previous paint like you would not believe! If you’re looking for something with a little pizazz, we can do that too. We have some of the best custom vehicle painters in the region and we pride ourselves on our work! We stand by any car paint job we’ve done and we always make sure our customers are happy before they drive their vehicles away into the sunset.

So, if you’re in the market for a smile, a great price, and a fresh new car paint job in Fort Bragg, NC, stop at Reed-Lallier body shop first because we’ve got you covered!