Best Value on New Tires in Hope Mills, NC

How Do I Know It’s Time for New Tires?

One word – Tread. Tires can become unsafe when the tread has been worn down, especially during rainy and snowy months. It may be time for new tires if your tread has gotten lower than 1/16th of an inch. If you’re unsure of how to check this or need some help, visit us at Reed-Lallier and we can check it for you. We’re also the best place to get new tires in Hope Mills, NC.

The Dangers of Riding on Bald Tires

The worst thing you can do is continue to drive around on tires that are not safe. Balding tires, or tires that have less-than-favorable tread, can put you and your vehicle in danger by lack of control of the vehicle, tire blowouts and even hydroplaning in the rain.

Where Should I Go to Get New Tires?

Getting the right tires is important. Partnering with a body shop like Reed-Lallier who already knows the ins and outs of your vehicle is a great way to get the best tires for your situation. We have experts on staff who can help you choose the right tires for any and all seasons as well as for any and all rim shapes or sizes. Contact usif you’re in the market for new tires in Hope Mills, NC! We’re here to help you with all of your tire needs!